My Light

I never knew I could love someone or something as much as I love him. He is damaged, but so am I. He is damaged in ways I will never understand. I do not know everything that happened to him, but I know it was bad. I know he was beaten, you can see it […]

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Depressive Stage

I have struggled quite a bit lately. I have been in my depressive stage for some time now. I often find myself fantasizing about falling asleep and never waking up. I may dream about my own death often, but I don’t have a desire to act on it. I find little things throughout my days […]

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I was a freshman in high school when my mom was incarcerated. I went from caring for my brother while my mom was at work trying to keep a roof over our head and food in our stomachs, to emptying our house of everything we owned and moving away from my brother. My brother and […]

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Where do I start?

From the beginning, right? I am a college student. Yes, I know thats not the beginning, but it make sense to start here. I am in my third year of my Bachelors degree. My major? Psychology, how ironic. I am twenty years old, living on my own (with roommates of course, because who can actually […]

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